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Sustained Management of the Soil-Rhizosphere System for Efficient Crop Production and Fertilizer Use

Good soil-rhizosphere system is the basic condition to ensure good crop production and quality. In order to maintain good growth condition, soil scientists, plant nutrition scientists, and microbiologists have spent much time in establishing theories and practical technology in monitoring and identifying the condition of soil-rhizosphere system and the optimum fertilizer use. Some countries in the Asian and Pacific region have developed some innovative technologies that can be extended to other countries, particularly on soil fertility, root system, microbiological activities, and fertilizer use.
To effectively apply these techniques, we need collect the information or develop strategies to ensure good soil fertility, effective fertilizer use, good microorganism population, and crop quality in the soil-rhizosphere system. The primary objective of this workshop is to discuss recent innovative techniques for efficient crop production and cost-effective fertilizer use under a sustainable management system.

(7) Tentative topics to be addressed:

a. Main concepts, theories, and indicators on soil-rhizosphere systems for crop production;
b. Practical techniques to maintain and monitor soil quality;
c. Practical techniques to maintain a good rhizosphere system to provide good soil fertility and microorganism population to achieve an efficient cropping system;
d. Evaluation techniques of crop production under different cropping systems and culture in the region;
e. Practical techniques to improve the nutrient release from soil after application of some microorganism, including rhizobium, and phosphorus soluble organism; and
f. Other techniques or indicators for sustained management for efficient crop production and fertilizer use.


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