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Production Increases in Meat and Dairy Goats through Improved Technology and Infrastructure for Asian Small-Scale Farmers

Goats are very important in the protein diets of Asian people. In fact, some countries in the region even consume more goat meat than pork meat. In the past decade, several advanced technologies have been developed to increase goat production in some advanced countries. This technology improvement widely ranged from reproductive techniques and seasonal breeding, to silage making, agricultural by-product utilization, slotted slat barn facilities and total mix ration. However, most Asian small-scale goat farmers do not have access to these relevant information and advanced technologies for increased outputs, giving them very limited opportunities to improve their production and their livelihood as well.

Another factor impeding the improvement of goat production, particularly in developing countries, is the perceived adverse impact of open field system of goat raising on vegetation, forest and grazing lands, which is seen as a potential threat to the natural environment. Again, proper knowledge of technology and cultural practices among small-scale goat farmers is very important to dispel this threat, and to keep a balance between goat raising and the protection of the environment. In open field system, farmers must know the use of proper grazing capacity that will not endanger the environment. Technologies on efficient fence/or cage systems such as housekeeping in barns must also be introduced to farmers.

It is therefore imperative to share relevant technological information on improved goat production, and to promote active technical cooperation among Asian countries toward the improvement of the livelihood of goat farmers in the region.


  1. To improve production of meat goat and dairy goat for Asian small-scale farmers by sharing relevant information and advanced technologies particularly on efficient reproduction techniques, and to enhance technical cooperation among Asian countries.
  2. To introduce cultural practices for small-scale farmers that will ensure a balance between protection of the environment and goat raising, such as appropriate grazing capacity and fence/cage systems of raising goat.

Expected output(s)

  1. To provide fundamental technical guides on efficient and improved production of meat goat and dairy goat.
  2. To disseminate relevant technologies on increased production of goat milk and meat.
  3. To develop and promote an international cooperation scheme for efficient dissemination of relevant information and technology transfer on improved goat production.
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