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F1 Hybrid Corn Production in Caraga Region, Philippines

There is enormous potential for the Caraga Region to develop a comprehensive corn production program toward providing improved livelihood opportunities for the small-scale corn farmers. To realize this potential, the modern cultivation techniques and introduction of hybrid corn varieties were initiated in CY 2006 in order to raise the average yield per hectare, ensure sustainable production in prime corn lands, and address poverty by increasing the income of marginal corn farmers in the Caraga Region.

The initial activities of the project in promoting the modern corn cultivation technologies have mobilized Caraga corn farmers to form small farmers’ cluster for greater access to corn-related programs of government and other sources. Likewise, these contribute in strengthening the farmers’ cohesiveness because the group farming approach builds interdependence among the farmers. To further encourage the corn farmer clusters to continuously plant corn, seed supply should be accessible to them.


The overall goal of this agricultural technical assistance program is to improve the productivity and achieve sustainable production of quality corn in the Caraga Region through making F1 corn hybrid seeds readily available to the farmers. Specifically, the project aims:

  1. To establish a 10-ha area for the production of F1 corn hybrid seed varieties;
  2. To ensure sustainability and availability of good quality F1 corn hybrid seeds to farmers in at least 1,000 hectare corn area; and
  3. To promote local capacity-building among technicians and corn farmers through the conduct of training courses on corn cultivation techniques for hybrid corn.
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