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( Upcoming ) Smart food value chain – the solution to Asia’s food distribution


The term food value chain refers to the entire process to add value to agricultural products from breeding, production, processing to distribution, sales, and consumption in the market. By implementing advanced technologies such as IoT and Big Data, the food value chain can be utilized smartly to improve the distribution system itself and further increase the added value of agricultural products. Smart Food Value Chain (SFVC) contributes to improve the QoL of farmers in Asia, especially those produce coming from agricultural crops in small scaled fields. FFTC also focuses on the value-added agriculture as stated in the FFTC strategic plan for 2019-2020. 

  • To examine the domestic distribution situation of agricultural products in Asian countries.
  • To formulate policies and discuss the future R&D to address the issues identified.
  • To smartly adopt the Food Value Chain.
  • To improve agricultural productivity in Asia Pacific Region.
Possible Themes
  • The symposium consists with following topics related to development of SFVC.
  • [Keynote Speeches] Progress in smartization of Food Value Chain.
  • [Smart Food Production] Traceability of foods (low pesticide residue, Good Agricultural Practice, halal and others).
  • [Smart Food Distribution] The latest postharvest research and technology.
  • [Smart Food Marketing/Consumption] Trend of functional food development and the regulations on food labels.
  • [International Standardization] International standardization for supply of agricultural products.
  • Excursion.
  • Others.
Expected Outputs
  • Clarify challenges in current food value chains of each country which need to be solved for the safer food distribution.
  • Serve as a discussion table for the experts how to improve infrastructure, policies and/or R&D for the higher QoL of farmers.

We would like to invite you to join this online workshop. For more information and the workshop programme, please go to

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