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International Workshop on Fostering Increased Engagement and Capacitating the Youth on Agri-Entrepreneurship

Background and Rationale

The continuous aging of farmers all over the world and the lack of interest of the youth (defined by the United Nations as persons between the ages of 15 and 24) in farming, have posed a serious problem to agriculture. This is even exacerbated by the fact that children who are successors of ageing farmers tend to move to the urban areas for alternative and better opportunities rather than staying in the rural areas.  In 2014 and 2015, FFTC organized international seminars on “Enhanced Entry of Young Generation into Farming” and “Cultivating the Young Generation of Farmers with Farmland Policy Implications.” These seminars are a response to the Center’s strategic plan of focusing on the theme of encouraging the young generation to engage in farming. However, the training aspect of developing the agri-entrepreneurial skills of the youth has not been fully tackled. One of the strong recommendations in these workshops was to focus on the business side of agriculture and highlight the success stories of young people who have made it big in agribusiness.

It is in this light that FFTC-MARDI and PCAARRD have joined forces to organize another international seminar, this time focusing on capacitating the youth for agri-entrepreneurship. It aims to include the participation of vendors and entrepreneurs from different countries who are involved in farming and agriculture and learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences.


  • Increase awareness and understanding on the issues and key challenges in encouraging the youth to be involved in agricultural activities.
  • Share various agri-entrepreneurship strategies, programs, and initiatives in the ASPAC region that encourage the young generation to venture into agricultural activities
  • Learn from the best practices and success stories of successful agri-entrepreneurs in the ASPAC region
  • Establish linkage/network among young farmers’ groups, academe and the government and private sector towards promoting agriculture to the youth as an attractive, rewarding and sustainable career


 workshop themes

  • Young-Agri Entrepreneurs in the Region: Overcoming Challenges and Transforming Agriculture
  • Best Practices and Success Stories of Agri-Entrepreneurship
  • Finding Success in Agri-Entrepreneurship


  • Common understanding on the roles of various stakeholders in encouraging the young generation to venture into agriculture and farming
  • Learning on the various agri-entrepreneurship strategies/programs/initiatives for the youth in the AP region
  • Best agri-entrepreneurship practices that maybe adopted by countries in the AP region
  • Network of young agri-entrepreneurs; and
  • Draft recommendation on country and regional level cooperation to capacitate the youth towards becoming successful agri-entrepreneurs
  • Workshop proceedings for circulation to a wider audience
  • Case study reports from participants

Major findings and recommendations

  1. Allot calamity funds and insurance for young farmers;
  2. Strengthen monitoring and incentive programs for young farmers;
  3. Firm up policies on rural revitalization;
  4. Introduce agricultural courses in school in the early stages;
  5. Establish agricultural leadership campaign for the youth;
  6. Document cases of successful agri-entrepreneurs and make this as educational materials in schools. Utilize social media and the power of celebrity to entice young people to be engaged in farming;
  7. Implement subsidized water and electricity for young farmers;
  8. Conduct more trainings on quality management and regulatory compliance in preparation for exports and simplify the process to comply with government regulations;
  9. Create a platform to continuously educate the farmers as to every component of the value chain; and
  10. Strictly implement the policies regarding Fair Business Practices.



Keynote Presentation
Empowering Youth through Innovation in the Food Industry | Paper : 
Ms. Hasimah bt Hafiz Ahmad
Director, Food Science Technology Research Centre, MARDI, Malaysia

Young-Agri Entrepreneurs in the Region: Overcoming Challenges and Transforming Agriculture

Youth and Agri-Entrepreneurship in Asia
Dr. Halim Shah bin Hamzah
Managing Director, RESPECT Business and Advanced Technology Solutions, Malaysia

Engaging Youth in Agriculture: Applying TRIZ in the Context of Agriculture | Paper :  
PPT : 
Dr. Ong Jeen Wei
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Management, Multimedia University, Malaysia

Youth and Agri-Entrepreneurship in Korea | Paper : 
Dr. Hsi-Yun Park
Research Director, Korean Research Economic Institute, Korea

Implementation of the New Farmers’ Cultivation Program in Taiwan | Paper : 
Mr. Cheng-Ray Yang
Technical Specialist, Agriculture Extension Division, Farmers’ Service Department Centre, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan

Youth and Agri-Entrepreneurship in Japan
Professor Ruriko Nohguchi 
Life and Environment Department, Tsukuba University, Japan

Promoting Agri-Entrepreneurship Among Youth through the Tertiary Education System | Paper : 
Dr. Melvin Carlos
OIC Deputy Executive Director for Administration, Resource Management and Support Services, DOST-PCAARRD, Philippines

Best Practices and Success Stories of Agri-Entrepreneurship

An Agri-Entrepreneur's Success Story  | Paper : 
Harvesting with Harbest: Agri-entrepreneurial Lessons from the Philippines
Mr. Arsenio Barcelona
President, Harbest Agribusiness Corporation, Philippines

Expansion of Business Model to Farmers' Cooperation in Taiwan | Paper : 
Mr. Chuan-Ci Lu
Legend Farmer, Taiwan

Finding Success in Agri-Entrepreneurship

PGS Organic Vegetables in Hanoi: Engaging Young and Local Agri-Entrepreneurs | Paper : 
Mr. Tranh Manh Chien
Founder and CEO, Bac Tom (A food chain store), Hanoi, Vietnam

Youth and Agri-Entrepreneurship in Lao PDR | Paper : 
Mr. Dethsackda Manikham 
Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Kammouane, Lao PDR

Youth and Agri-Entrepreneurship in Thailand | Paper : 
Dr. Decharut Sukkonoed
Head, Department of Agricultural Resource Economics, Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

Best Practices of Agri-Entrepreneurs in the Philippines | Paper : 
Professor Glenn Baticados
Director, Center for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Philippines

Youth and Agri Entrepreneurship in Indonesia | Paper :  PPT : 
Mr. Alfi Irfan
Founder, AgriSocio, Seafast Center, Dramaga, Bogor, Indonesia

Best Practices: The Kuala Langat Farmers Association | Paper : 
Mr. Mohd Shakran bin Shamsudin
General Manager, Kuala Langat Farmers Association, Malaysia

Youth and Agri-Entrepreneurship in Myanmar | Paper : 
Mr. Aung Phyo
Department of Agricultural Economics, Yezin Agricultural University, Myanmar

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