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Boar Semen Application for Pork Quality Improvement


Vietnam is the top third nation in the global pig industry based on the 4,127,000 sow numbers in 2014 as cited from the report of the Pig International. But pork production in Vietnam should have the ability to meet the needs of its 98 million of population whose target is to consume more than 20 kg of pork per person per year. This can be achieved by using advanced breeding techniques and having the young generation of farmers know the facts about the current condition in Vietnam’s pig industry. Right now, it has not yet adapted the application of boar semen for pork quality improvement. Therefore, the Vietnam National University of Agriculture at Hanoi and National Institute of Animal Science with the policy support from DLP (Department of Livestock Production) of MARD (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) will fit the themes of FFTC’s strategic plan to promote farming technology in upholding small-scale farmers and to train the young generation of farmers in empowering ICT and genomic selection in pork production through this proposed workshop.

Sharing the experiences of boar semen application for quality pork production from Taiwan to the young generation of farmers in Vietnam, along with the participation of invited experts from ASEAN nations, a humble contribution to tropical pig production under climate change can be made through the reduction on the cost of breeding stocks and increasing the quality of pork production in member countries of the ASEAN.


  • Conduct training on application of boar semen for regional pork production farmers and boar semen supply station/centers
  • Bring together key researchers and share the current state of knowledge on boar semen application technologies, especially for pork quality improvement and genomic selection of boars
  • Establish an informal network committed to information sharing and collaborative research

Date: 6 to 10, November, 2017

Venue: Vietnam National University of Agriculture at Hanoi


15-20 theme speakers and country reporters from Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


  • Participants to include regional farmers, extension workers, and animal breeding experts from animal research institutes and universities in the Asian and Pacific region
  • High quality pig breeding experts from the Asian countries
  • Experts from various R&D institutions and the academics with actual experiences in pig breeding techniques


Training of regional pig farmers on the breeding method of pig breeds and the semen application techniques translated to Vietnam language

Introduction of Taiwan Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire pig breeds, evaluation and artificial insemination strategies to produce high lean meat yield and quality marbling pork

How to store boar semen for breeding meaty pig using imported semen available in the Asian and Pacific region

Advanced techniques on genomic pig breeding system including pathogen-free semen production and transportation, gene selected pig breeding stocks, and boar semen supply station/center that are suitable for the rural areas


Nov. 6 (Mon)   Arrival of overseas participants at Hanoi, Vietnam
Nov. 7 (Tue)    Technical tour, welcome reception
Nov. 8 (Wed)   Training course of breeding and storage of boar semen techniques for regional livestock farmers
Nov. 9 (Thu)    Technical seminar for scientists/academicians, country reports, FFTC sponsored banquet
Nov. 10 (Fri)    Departure of overseas participants from Hanoi Airport


  • Common understanding of the pig breeding techniques and the differences of each countries between the Asian and Pacific region achieved
  • Pig genetic resources which are available for pork production systems in the tropical area understood and found
  • Semen application techniques for improving pork quality especially for making marbling pork learned
  • Awareness and capacity of pig production farmers and extension workers enhanced
  • Know-how of capacity building for farmers using their own language provided
  • Possible networking platform of cooperation to discuss future research needs in the Asian and Pacific region established


Courtesy Visit to Department of Livestock Production (DLP) of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)



Proceedings  | Paper:  PPT: 

Contents │ 

  1. Vietnam Livestock Production Overview | Paper:  PPT: 
    Dr. Pham Thi Kim Dung (Vietnam)
  2. Artificial Insemination Techniques in Swine Industry of Vietnam | Paper:  PPT: 
    Dr. Trinh Hong Son (Vietnam)
  3. Development and Utilization of Genomic Information for Effective Pig Production – Recent Achievements and Future Prospects | Paper:  PPT: 
    Dr. Masaaki Taniguchi (Japan)
  4. Informative for Making AI Station Function from CIMCO on Japanese Breeding Company | Paper:  PPT: 
    Mr. Masamitsu Tomiyama (Japan)
  5. Importance of Preservation of Gametes and Gonadal Tissue for Porcine Genetic Resources | Paper:  PPT: 
    Dr. Kazuhiro Kikuchi (Japan)
  6. Pig Production and Pork Quality Improvement in Lao PDR | Paper:  PPT: 
    Mr. Soukanh Keonouchanh (Laos)
  7. Swine Industry Profile of Eastern Shan State in Myanmar | Paper:  PPT: 
    Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Soe (Myanmar)
  8. Seasonal Variation on Semen Production in Different Boar breeds in Thailand | Paper:  PPT: 
    Ms. Janyaporn Rungruangsak (Thailand)
  9. Screening on Sperm Chromosomal Breakage of Young Breeding Boars | Paper:  PPT: 
    Mr. Ting-Yung Kuo (Taiwan)
  10. Pathogen-free Boar Semen Application in Pork Production | Paper:  PPT: 
    Ms. Chun-NiI Hsiao(Taiwan)
  11. Growth Performance and Sperm Quality of Stress Negative Pietrain Boars and their Hybrids with Duroc in Vietnam | Paper:  PPT: ​​​​​​​
    Dr. Ha Xuan Bo (Vietnam)
  12. Pig Breeding and Utilization of Semen in Malaysia | Paper:  PPT: ​​​​​​​
    Dr. Chian- Hoey Lee (Malaysia)
  13. The Importance of Artificial Insemination to the Philippine Swine Industry | Paper:  PPT: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    Dr. Synan S. Baguio (Philippines)


Seminar on Boar Semen Application for Pork Quality Improvement
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