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International Seminar on Implementing and Improving Crop Natural Disaster Insurance Program


Agriculture is highly dependent on nature. But nature can be cruel. Drought, flooding, hail and severe frost as well as pests and diseases outbreaks, earthquakes and tsunami is frequently cause devastation and tragedy among farmers. So governments of every country prepare direct assistance against natural disasters for their farmers. But most of these government countermeasures for livelihood relief not only vary every year but also are not enough to cover the damage due to insufficient government budget. Therefore, apart from relief program, many developed countries have already introduced crop natural disaster insurance for substantial stabilization of farm households and agricultural reproduction against the outbreak of severe natural disasters.
In Asia, except for Japan which introduced crop natural disaster insurance in 1938, the introduction of crop natural disaster insurance is far behind countries like the US and EU. There seem to be several reasons such as small-scale farming, low farm household income, lack of preparation of government and so on. But, recently, as a result of climate change, rainfall patterns shift or extreme events such as drought and floods become more frequent. Crop natural disaster insurance is therefore a key in assisting farmers lessening the negative financial impact or income instability of these adverse natural disasters. In addition, WTO has classified the government subsidy for crop natural disaster insurance as a green box. So the governments can support their farmers through subsidizing crop natural disaster insurance program instead of price support considered as an amber box, for instance. These two conditions have made some Asian countries such as Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan launch or prepare their own crop natural disaster insurance.
But there are lots of trials and errors in the preparation and implementation of crop natural disaster insurance because the data and experience accumulated is not enough and the understanding of farmers to crop insurance is poor as well as insurance itself is complex. There are tasks and problems such as which crop is appropriate for pilot project, what extent (quantity, quality, price or income) should be covered by crop natural disaster insurance, how can the damage be measured objectively, etc. This seminar will give a discussion ground for specialists to find a better way to find appropriate preparation and implementation of crop natural disaster insurance program.

This seminar aims to have a discussion ground among specialists in order to find a better way to find appropriate preparation and implementation of crop natural disaster insurance program.

Proposed seminar topics:

  • Appropriate preparation of crop natural insurance program: historical data analysis, financial management, selection of crops, etc.
  • Central and local governments & rsquo role in crop natural disaster insurance
  • Agricultural cooperatives and crop natural disaster insurance
  • Reinsurance organization
  • Adjusting crop natural disaster insurance claims
  • Managing crop natural disaster insurance-related issues
Expected outputs:
  1. To exchange and share the successful case and future perspectives on the implementation of crop natural disaster insurance
  2. To exchange and share the strategy and policy measures for improving crop natural disaster insurance program as a method of stabilizing farm economy
Countries and number of participants: 11 participants from 7 countries:
Indonesia (1), Japan (2), Korea (3), Malaysia (1), Philippines (1), Taiwan (2),Vietnam (1).

Major Findings and Recommendations:

  • Emphasize fairness and transparency to prevent moral hazard and efficient loss assessment;
  • Explore other models and improvements from other countries’ experiences;
  • Establish a network of partners and partnership with stakeholders; 
  • Encourage sharing of practices to improve technical know-how in loss and damage assessment;
  • Develop more strategies to increase awareness in crop disaster insurance;
  • Strengthen existing databases of agricultural statistics and historical data as an efficient guide in the crop disaster insurance program;
  • Develop a system to implement crop natural disaster program complementary to climate change; and
  • Widen the safety net for farmers through provision of relief fund, promote agriculture crop insurance, and develop revenue agricultural insurance.




Sustainable Growth in Crop Natural Disaster Insurance: Experiences of Japan    pdf(735.65KB)    pdf(759.65KB)
Dr. Futoshi OKADA
Explore Government Support Measures and Implications of Crop Insurance from International Experience    pdf(815.46KB)    pdf(1.55MB)
Dr. Min-Hsien YANG
The Performance and Improvement Strategies of Crop Insurance in Korea    pdf(650.18KB)    pdf(4.32MB)
Dr. Won-Ho CHUNG
Insurance for Rice Production in the Context of Climate Change Impact in Vietnam    pdf(596.41KB)    pdf(982.49KB)
Ms. NGUYEN Thi Phong Lan
Security Interests of Crops Against Environmental Uncertainty in Malaysia    pdf(875.99KB)    pdf(422.31KB)
Mr. Hairazi Bin RAHIM
Claim Adjustments in Korea's Crop Natural Disaster Insurance    pdf(835.97KB)    pdf(1.15MB)
Mr. Hyun-Sung YOON
Implementation of Indemnity-based Rice Crop Insurance in Indonesia    pdf(665.44KB)    pdf(1.55MB)
The Outline of Japan’s Agricultural Insurance Scheme    pdf(1.05MB)    pdf(756.72KB)
Mr. Yoshihito YASUDA
Farmers Awareness on Crop Natural Disaster Insurance and Field Case in Korea    pdf(616.78KB)    pdf(2.50MB)
Dr. Chil-Koo CHOI
Government and Its Role in the Implementation and Enhancement of Crop Insurance Program in the Philippines    pdf(953.36KB)    pdf(9.46MB)
Ms. Rodelia A. PAGADDU
The Policy and Pilot Plan: Top-Grafting Pears for Crop Natural Disaster Insurance in Taiwan, R.O.C.    pdf(664.95KB)    pdf(1.57MB)
Mr. Dung-Liang WANG


Highlights of the International Seminar on Implementing and Improving Crop Natural Disaster Insurance Program
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