Food and Fertilizer Technology Center - ACTIVITIES

Nov. 10, 2008
Management and Control of Major Emerging Plant Pests in Agriculture in the Asian and Pacific Region
Oct. 13, 2008
A New Approach to Soil Information Systems for Natural Resources Management in Asian Countries
Sep. 29, 2008
Monitoring and Management of Agricultural Water Quality for Green Food Production in the Asian and Pacific Region
Sep. 08, 2008
Management of Citrus Greening and Virus Diseases for the Rehabilitation of the Citrus Industry in the ASPAC Region
Aug. 25, 2008
Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) for Sustainable Aquaculture
Aug. 04, 2008
Production Increases in Meat and Dairy Goats through Improved Technology and Infrastructure for Asian Small-Scale Farmers
Jul. 19, 2007
Development and Adoption of Traceability System for Fish and Fish Products in Asia
Jul. 19, 2007
Appropriate Use of Bio-fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides for Small-scale Farmers in the Asian and Pacific Region
Jul. 19, 2007
Development of Soil-Crop Inventory on Heavy Metals and its Innovative Use
Jul. 19, 2007
Enhancement of Women Farmers' Role in the Development of Rural Asia
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