Food and Fertilizer Technology Center - ACTIVITIES

Nov. 06, 2017
Boar Semen Application for Pork Quality Improvement
Oct. 02, 2017
Seminar on Enhancing Farm Management Efficiency by ICT for Young Farmers
Sep. 18, 2017
Enhancing Agricultural Cooperatives’ Roles in Response to Changes in Food Consumption Trends
Sep. 11, 2017
Protected Cultivation of High-Value Crops under Changing Climate Conditions
Jun. 02, 2017
Seminar on Adopting Smart Beef Cattle Feeding Techniques
May. 23, 2017
Developing Organic Agriculture as New Business Opportunity for Small-scale Farmers
May. 09, 2017
International Training Workshop on Developing Knowledge Management in Agriculture for Small-scale Farmers
Nov. 24, 2016
Advanced Breeding Methods for Developing Stress-tolerant Food Crops
Oct. 17, 2016
Effective IP Protection and Commercialization Strategies for Agricultural Innovation
Sep. 04, 2016
Planning Workshop for Establishing a Regional Network on the Integrated Pest Management of Pitaya
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