Food and Fertilizer Technology Center - ACTIVITIES

May. 28, 2019
International Symposium on Smart Agriculture for Environmentally and Consumer Friendly Food Production
May. 07, 2019
Enabling capacity in production and application of bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizer for soil-borne disease control and organic farming
Oct. 30, 2018
Smart Use of Fertilizers for Environmentally Friendly Agriculture
Oct. 22, 2018
Strengthening The Prevention Strategies And Early Warning Systems Of Agricultural Disasters Through Information And Communication Technology (ICT)
Oct. 02, 2018
International Workshop on Fostering Increased Engagement and Capacitating the Youth on Agri-Entrepreneurship
Sep. 27, 2018
Climate Smart Agriculture for the Small - Scale Farmers in the Asian and Pacific Region
Sep. 12, 2018
Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis: Testing Methods, QA/QC, Data Interpretation and Application
Jun. 05, 2018
International Seminar on Promoting Rice Farmers’ Market through Value-adding Activities
Apr. 23, 2018
Dragon Fruit Regional Network Initiation Workshop
Nov. 06, 2017
Boar Semen Application for Pork Quality Improvement
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