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Strategic Action Plan 2017-2018

To better address current agricultural development needs and concerns in the Asian and Pacific (ASPAC) region, the Center is now guided by the FFTC Strategic Action Plan for 2017-2018, which has been recently approved by its Executive Board. The Plan is a renewal of the Center's commitment to respond to the technological needs of small-scale farmers amid the changing global environment. It outlines the focus of FFTC's work programs for the next five years, toward contributing to the achievement of increased output and higher incomes for small-scale farmers.

The following are the major findings and recommendations which was drafted by FFTC's Technical Advisory Committee and was recently approved by the Center's Executive Board.

  1. Maintain a balance of activities based on the five themes to achieve a better coverage;
  2. Include the careful and instructive recommendations of the External Review Team in crafting future activities;
  3. Organize activities that go beyond partnerships with NARS. Tap and touch base with leaders of the private sector, cooperatives, farmers' associations, etc.;
  4. Strengthen networking activities by being more active in social media;
  5. Plan activities based on program rather than projects;
  6. Be more active in the implementation of future activities;
  7. Strengthen follow-up activities so as not to lose the established connections and linkages;
  8. Conduct an external review every six years;
  9. Pay more attention to the changing needs of the target beneficiaries especially in the planned move to shift from information storage to knowledge management;
  10. Write a clear half-page or one-page concept note of the proposed workshop or event; and
  11. Focus on a single agricultural issue which can be discussed in-depth and full-length during the next TAC meeting.
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