Food and Fertilizer Technology Center - About

Overview of FFTC

Empowering small-scale farmers through science and information


The Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC) is an international organization with a mission to help farmers in the Asian Pacific region by providing pertinent and timely information on the latest agricultural technologies and policies to help improve their yields, achieve higher incomes and make their lives better.

Established in 1970 by the Asian and Pacific Council, FFTC acts as an intermediary between international and national agricultural organizations within the region, serving as a resource hub on Asian agriculture to deliver the much needed information to extension workers, researchers and scientists.

Currently supported by five member countries—Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam, the Center’s efforts are aimed at its three main goals: 1) Spearhead the transfer of matured technologies and information; 2) Promote the sharing and exchange of information among countries; and 3) Bridge the technology gap between developed and developing countries.

FFTC’s partnership also extends to more than 50 national and international agricultural organizations around the world. These institutions also help FFTC disseminate technical, financial and manpower support. This enables the Center to identify priority concerns in order to properly implement programs that will benefit rural farmers. While the Center is based in Taipei, Taiwan, its staff is drawn from the countries in the Asian Pacific region.

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